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Urdu as a Foreign Language - Course- & Workbook

Includes Video- & Audio

Each chapter contains videos and audio recordings specially developed for Qadam.

Based on CEFR levels

The curriculum of Qadam is based on the Common European Framework of References (CEFR).

Real-life communication

Our goals is to to prepare you for real-life communication with your colleagues, friends, family, neighbors, shop keepers etc.

Focus on target language

Translation is kept to a minimum so students can immerse themselves in the Urdu-speaking world from the beginning

Writing & Reading optional

A writing & reading curriculum is included, but optional

Tested in the classroom

Qadam has been tested in the classroom with real students from the beginning. Suggestions and changes from Urdu teachers and students are being continuiously incorporated.

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Finally there is a book that is focused on learning how to communicate in real-life. I really loved it!


I really loved the interative activites – they really help me to engage with the language and put what I learn into practice.


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Includes Video- & Audio

Each chapter contains videos and audio recordings specially developed for Qadam.

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Qadam is for Urdu learners who have no or little background in Urdu. The content and learning goals were designed to match the level goals as defined by the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (CEFR) for the Level A1 (Basic User).

At the end of A1, learners can “understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. They can introduce themselves and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details such as where they live, people they know and things they have. They can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.”[1]

 Following the recommendations of the CEFR it takes approx. 80-100 lesson hours for group classes to complete the Level A1 (less for individual classes). The following table gives a summary of the topics and grammar points covered:

[1] https://www.coe.int/en/web/common-european-framework-reference-languages/table-1-cefr-3.3-common-reference-levels-global-scale

  Topic Grammar
Chapter 1 Introductions & greetings Personal pronouns singular; word order in affirmative and interrogative sentences
Chapter 2 My family Personal pronouns (plural); simple present of “hona” (to be), present tense of “rehna” (to live), possessive particles, numbers
Chapter 3 Going grocery shopping Yes/no questions, possessive pronouns, indefinite articles “koi”/ “kuch”, plural forms of common noun classes, use of “chahiye”, oblique form of personal pronouns
Chapter 4 My home Adjective endings, use of “ke pas” vs. “main hona”, word building with “ka”, “ke”, “ki”
Chapter 5 Daily routines & activities Present habitual tense, time expression, expressions of frequency, word formation with “karna”, conjunctive particle “kar”
Chapter 6 Hobbies & the weather Use of parna, ana and hona present progressive tense, present habitual vs. present progressive, pasand hona, lagna and shoq se
Chapter 7 Finding my way around town Use of “wala” with people, postpositions, oblique form of nouns with postpositions, imperative forms, use of “chhana” with infinitive
Chapter 8* My childhood & life-long learning Past habitual tense, use of “sakna” and “ana”
Chapter 9* Health & illnesses Use of “karna chahiye” and “karna hona” to give advice/ make suggestions
Chapter 10* Taking a trip Future tense
Chapter 11* My job & education Simple past tense (transitive and intransitive),
Chapter 12* My new clothes Comparisons & Superlative
Chapter 13* Good customer service Causative verbs & polite requests & commands
Chapter 14* Celebrations & Holidays Use of kyun ke & use of subjunctive for wishes
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